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Friday, June 10, 2005

Breaking Nats News

Fresh off the wires...

The Nats trade Tomo Ohka to the Brewers and get 2B Junior Spivey. Also, Jeffrey Hammonds retires and Sunny Kim moves into the starting rotation, presumably tonight against the M's. Trader Jim also picks up former Rangers ace Ryan Drese off waivers.

Short-term, this looks like a good deal. But now, our vaunted pitching depth has vanished with Jon Rauch injured, Claudio Vargas released and Tomo Ohka traded.

Ryan Drese is a real gamble. He had some solid minor league peripheral numbers, but his 2004 season was pretty much smoke and mirrors; he's been awful this season. Perhaps a change from hitter-friendly Ameriquest Field to RFK will do him some good.


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